2017 SplashPad Project:

Splash pad (click here to view link)

The Delphos Kiwanis Club recently announced the construction of a new 4,000 square foot “SplashPad” system to be added on the west side of the existing Community Swimming Pool at Stadium Park.

The design, funding and installation of this aquatic play area will again be spearheaded by the Delphos Kiwanis and will involve the collaboration between our Club, VORTEX Aquatic Structures International, the Delphos Stadium Club, the City of Delphos andthe Parks and Recreation Department.

The design of this innovative structure allows it to function as a self-contained, standalone system incorporated within the existing footprint of the City Swimming Pool, but will not place any additional pressure on the existing pool operations.

Once completed the SplashPadwill be turned over to City of Delphos as a community asset, operated and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department ,and incorporated as a part of their annual membership program.

With our research and planning completed we now go about the business of raising the $350,000.00 required to get this SplashPadconstructed and operational on-or-before the targeted date of June 1, 2017.

Even though our previous track record for funding and constructing playground systems gives us great confidence, we’re still very aware that this project is the single largest and most aggressive ever for our Club. It will no doubt require the collective commitment and financial support of every segment of our community.

If your business, service club, company or any other entity would like to have a group from our Club to attend a meeting or gathering of interested donor(s) and make a formal presentation, we would be more than happy to accommodate you. Simply, contact one our members, mail us a written request with your contact information or e-mail us at any time.

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